nasal arch

nasal arch
спинка носа

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  • nasal arch — the arch formed in the embryo by the nasal bones and by the nasal processes of the maxilla …   Medical dictionary

  • Nasal placode — Latin placoda nasalis, placoda olfactoria Gives rise to olfactory epithelium Code TE E5. The nasal placode (or olfactory placode[1]) gives rise to the olf …   Wikipedia

  • Nasal pit — Head end of human embryo, about the end of the fourth week. Latin fovea nasalis Gray s …   Wikipedia

  • arch — Any structure resembling a bent bow or an a.; an arc. In anatomy, any vaulted or archlike structure. See arcus. SYN: arcus [TA]. [thru O. Fr. fr. L. arcus, bow] abdominothoracic a. a bell shaped line defined by the lower end of the sternum and… …   Medical dictionary

  • Nasal cycle — A CT scan showing evidence of the nasal cycle. The more patent airway is on the right; the swollen turbinates congesting the left. The nasal cycle is the alternating congestion and decongestion of the nasal cavities in humans. It is a… …   Wikipedia

  • First pharyngeal arch — First branchial arch Diagram showing the regions of the adult face and neck related to the fronto nasal process and the branchial arches …   Wikipedia

  • Medial nasal prominence — Head end of human embryo of about thirty to thirty one days …   Wikipedia

  • Dorsal nasal artery — Artery: Dorsal nasal artery Bloodvessels of the eyelids, front view. 1, supraorbital artery and supraorbital vein; 2, nasal artery; 3, angular artery, the terminal branch of 4, the facial artery; 5, suborbital artery; 6, anterior branch of the… …   Wikipedia

  • Gryposaurus — Taxobox| image width = 220px name = Gryposaurus regnum = Animalia phylum = Chordata classis = Sauropsida superordo = Dinosauria ordo = Ornithischia familia = Hadrosauridae subfamilia = Hadrosaurinae genus = Gryposaurus genus authority = Lambe,… …   Wikipedia

  • Altirhinus — Taxobox| name = Altirhinus fossil range = Early Cretaceous regnum = Animalia phylum = Chordata classis = Sauropsida superordo = Dinosauria ordo = Ornithischia subordo = Ornithopoda infraordo = Iguanodontia superfamilia = Hadrosauroidea genus =… …   Wikipedia

  • Frontal vein — Infobox Vein Name = Frontal vein Latin = venae frontales GraySubject = 167 GrayPage = 644 Caption = Veins of the head and neck. (Frontal vein labeled at upper right.) Caption2 = DrainsFrom = DrainsTo = Artery = frontal branch of superficial… …   Wikipedia

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